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Definitions of some concepts...

Process of spending huge amounts of money, time and energy with the aim of getting to know better the person who you don't really like at the moment, with the prospects of liking that person even less in the future, and all that happens to get some sex.

Easy woman
The words which are used to describe a woman who has the moral values of man.

Person of opposite sex physically so unattractive that sex is out of question, which makes that person suitable for long conversations and getting drunk together.

Feeling. Mostly felt by women towards men, who then explain it like "she is playing "difficult to get"".

Word men use to discribe woman who wants sex more often then they do.

Condition in which it is impossible to fall in love.

Irritating habit
The thing someone's sweet habit turns into after a while and which is discribed as "chemistry" at the beggining of a relationship.

Act of connecting desire with one specific person.

Love at first sight
Meeting of two very horny persons who are not particularly picky.