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George W. Bush (real quotes?!)

"The great majority of what we import comes from other countries"

"It seems to me that we are making unstoppable steps towards freedom and democracy- but that can be changed!"

"The resposibility of the one who rules can be described in one word, and that one word is: 'Be totally prepared.'"

"We will have the best educated Americans in the world."

">We stand by NATO. We are the part of the NATO. We stand by Europe. We are the part of Europe."

"For NASA the universe is the first priority."

"If we investigate that matter more carefuly, we will see that teachers are the only profession which educates our children."

"It's time for the human race to enter the Solar system."

"I hope the Congress will vote for the law with which I would be able to live even if it isn't voted."

"If we had dictatorship in USA it would be a lot easier for me. Of course, if I would be that dictator."

"A wonderful thing about books is that you can find beautiful pictures in them."

"We have doubled - from 50 million to 195 million - the amount of money at our disposal for that thing."

"I met president Putin yesterday. He seems to be a very progressive man, as we use to say in nuanced diplomatic circles."

"I have made some very good decisions in the past. I have made some very good decisions in the future also."